Looking for my next
to create an impact.
The data way.

This is me

Data Scientist with 4 years of experience in a rapidly changing environment.

Adept at connecting technical knowledge to business users.

As a data scientist, I am confident that the engagement
and transactional process with users can be improved through machine learning modelling for predictive and insight analysis. An adaptive team player, I believe in using data for good and have a strong interest in gleaning insights to social and health related issues, empowered through insight-driven visualisations.


Data Visualisation  Python 
Machine Learning 

 SQL   Extract, Transform, Load (ETL)

Natural Language Processing    Strong Presenter  Exploratory Data Analysis

I believe that data when harnessed leads to immense value for the organisation and I would love to be a part of that.

With data that is prevalent in this disruptive technology era, I have confidence to harness  your organisation data to generate powerful insights and transform data to value in the form of improved revenue and higher customer service satisfaction.  

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