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Leap to data science

After almost 4 and half years into my first job, I never expected myself to quit my job to pursue a new area, that is Data Science.

I remember having worked on my first data science project back in my first job, I had the privilege to work with so many amazing people to analyse data in the domain that I was familiar with. It turned out that the data pipelining and thereafter analysis and visualisation helped the organisation save hundreds of thousands of dollars! That kickstarted my passion for Data Science and have always wanted to start my career in it and I am absolutely grateful to be able to do so with General Assembly's Data Science Immersive programme. The camaraderie shown from this amazing bunch of batchmates made the tough 12-week bootcamp all the more bearable and I have learnt so much from these people as well as my instructors.

As we end this course, here's wishing everyone all the best using what we have learnt as a solid foundation for greater learnings as we embark on our Data Science journey for real!

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